Tuesday, November 1, 2016

fall leaves + knitting

you know, I wanted to sit down and write a post, but guys... I'm too tired.

working 5am opening shifts at a coffeeshop and simultaneously teaching a night class way across town? yeah, 0/10 would not recommend to a friend.

the leaves here turned suddenly and got very pretty, but it's only when you try to take a picture that you realize how much negative space there is in kansas.  by which I mean there's so much sky...and air that is not filled by trees.  the colors grab the attention in real life, but photos always seem a little sad.

if you like film photography at all, here's a random recommendation: I like this youtube channel.

last night was, of course, halloween.  I used my college graduation gown and my ravenclaw scarf and a wand carved by my brother out of a stick long ago to transform into a hogwarts student and distribute candy to neighborhood kids.  one little guy waited for me to fork over the goods before running away yelling, "gryffindor's better!"


I wrote a short story over the month of october, successfully finishing it on the 30th within my personally-set deadline. it's getting a lot of laughs and requests for a recording? I guess the little voices I developed to read it aloud are pretty entertaining.  if I figure out how to record it, I'll share it here sometime...

I'm off to take a quick catnap, I think.  hope you all are getting plenty of rest and that your weather isn't almost 80 degrees like it is here! ha... peace out, kids.