Sunday, October 16, 2016

parisi + the art of the early rise

as someone whose alter-ego is probably an old lady named gladys, I already knew that maintaining a consistent schedule is pretty pivotal.  I also already knew that the earlier I get up, the better I feel... but I didn't expect my early bird habits to start rubbing off on anyone, haha. upon realizing our weekly coffee date would be cancelled, a friend of mine suggested we hit up parisi on monday morning.  "early? 7 or 7:30?" she said.

that's real love right there, kids... someone getting up early to get coffee with you.  I'd been up since four, and the sun was just rising as we arrived, and it was kind of like two morning routines overlapping - mine, the stupid early one, and hers, the sensible one that allows for, you know, sleeping at all.

anyways, I'd been to parisi once before, and I ended up getting the same thing this time around: an oat milk latte.  it was pretty good (and pretty)! she had a london fog, which earned her gold star so there's that too.  about halfway through, I looked outside and saw that the trees are changing color.  I'm not sure why this surprised me.  it is that time of year, after all...

anyways, the park place parisi cafe has some decent vibes.  I think it would probably actually irritate me, but at 7:15am, when no one is around and the sky is pink, you can sit right by the window and look at the trees and cutesy little area, and maybe read some funny story in funny voices, and the vibes are good.  oh, and the coffee, too.  also good.

any more kansas city area coffeeshops we need to scope out? let me know in the comments!