Tuesday, October 4, 2016

hey here's a lot of words

here comes a rambly post. and I just put myself in mind of this song by laura marling, which I hadn't listened to in a long time.  but yes, a rambling man post.

these scones were made following this recipe with a few substitutions... gluten free flour, olive-oil-based butter, plain coconut yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, and everything-free chocolate chips.  my friend said, "let's make scones!" and I said, "uhhh yeah right out of what, cardboard?" and she said, "challenge accepted!" so she really showed me, eh?

I recently started a new job working in a coffeeshop, and laugh all you like, it's kind of always been a dream.  and I love it.  I'm working opening shifts, from 5am-9am weekday mornings and if you know me at all, you know I'm eighty-five years old.  therefore, I love getting up at four in the morning every day.  if you've never tried ye olde 10pm-4am sleep schedule, I highly recommend it.  I finish my short shift, come home, and kids are still eating breakfast of all things! I then have my whole day ahead of me. it's an adjustment to go to bed so much earlier than most of my friends, but it's worth being up for so many hours before anyone else...

and on my days off, I make a coffee and drink it out on the deck in the dark, reading my new true love t.e. lawrence, or writing a spooky halloweenish comedic short story.  I take the dog with me, but it's a little chilly for him, so I wrap him up in a blanket into a dog burrito.  essentially what I'm saying is that being up at four, waiting for the sun to rise, and drinking hot coffee in the cold with a cute puppy are all very aesthetically pleasing and that's how I make all my decisions in life, let's be real.

october is my favorite month of the year... and in the chilly dark, I pretend I've been camping, because that's the only time most normal people experience coffee outdoors at five in the morning, and when the sun comes up, it throws leaf-shadows on the screens like so...

it occurs to me that I may not have mentioned this here, but I'm going back to new york for three months in the spring to learn about floral design.  that's always a fun one to explain to people.  "so, you left applied math grad school...what are your new career plans?" and I get to say, "well, I want to do flowers, or maybe be an actuary."  you can really see them trying to fit those two together somehow.  speaking of actuaries, I just signed up for my first exam in november and I'm trying not to feel super pessimistic about it.  it'll be studying every day for me from here on out, because let me tell you, the fee is nothing to sneeze at.

so even though it's difficult to find work with an expiration date on my immediate stay in kansas, and even though I'm stuck in something that feels like limbo until february, and even though I'm stressed about finances and all of those nice adult things, there is a lot coming down the pipeline... anyways, that's what's been up with me.  how are you guys doing?  let me know in the comments! peace out, everybody.