Monday, September 12, 2016

union station & quay coffee

I realize that anyone who doesn't live in the kansas city area probably finds these kc-based posts utterly useless.  with nyc, the posts made a little more sense because a) a lot of people I know wanted to see bits of new york and b) new york is a place that people actually might go to sometime.  heaven knows if you come visit me in new york I'll take you to all the places I explored and approved of in those posts... but not a lot of people come to kansas city for the heck of it. it's not a bad place and there's plenty of good features, but it's telling that when we have company at my family's house, they're usually just passing through.

in kansas city there is a train station built more than a hundred years ago, which opened to the public in 1914.  when you live here, people tell you that you can see bulletholes from a shooting out front involving a mobster in the 30s, but I've just read that the myth has been busted.  that's kind of a bummer...

I guess the station went into a period of decline and disuse, but reopened in '99.  this interests me, because we moved to kansas when I was only two, and I don't remember ever realizing that union station was a recent development, practically speaking.  now that I think about it, I can't remember when I first went there?  we used to go to science city, which is a wonderful and educational kind of children's park which I would not be ashamed to visit now at my advanced age.

we also frequently visited to attend various plays or traveling exhibits (dead sea scrolls, anyone?).  as part of a homeschooling family, when I was young, I got to go on way more enrichment field trips than other kids.  which I do highly recommend.  probably my most vivid early memories though are of the ceilings? which is why there are so many pictures in this post.  we usually just passed through the huge station halls themselves, stopping to take a christmas-card photo or looking for a restroom, on our way to an exhibit or something, but the ceilings and the floors always stood out to me.

anyways, I went last week because a nurse friend came to visit and let me tell you, if you have a nurse friend and the body worlds exhibit comes to your general vicinity, get thee to it posthaste.  it was her idea, and it was radical!  pretty surreal... it's funny though, the only thing that gave me the heebie jeebies came before I even saw any bodies.  in the front of the exhibit, they had a few cases of antique medical instruments and what got me was this tool called a "tonsil snare," which still kind of grosses me out.  slices of brain with a black hemorrhage?  absolutely.  peeled back muscles?  bring it on. the very disturbing things that happen to your liver if you drink too much and that happen to your lungs if you smoke too much?  fascinating.  but a tonsil "snare"?  what a terrible word choice...

afterward we went up to the river market area for a bit and wandered around a flower/gardening shop, making a pit stop on the way at quay coffee.

the fact that the generous amount of seating was entirely occupied probably tells you something about this coffeeshop.  the vibes were good, man.  above, you can see the big windows and the nice lighting, and flowers on tables is A+ in my book, of course.  I can recommend their lavender-lemon-honey latte made with almond milk, since that is what I got.

all right, that was a tuesday excursion for you.  I miss writing on here, which is probably obvious by how big my paragraphs were in this post... but that's the nature of things, right? the more I'm thinking, the less I share.  anyway, I hope you enjoyed these pictures at least a little bit.  what excursions have you made recently?