Thursday, September 8, 2016

summer reading: yes fic

who's up for round two?  if fiction of various breeds isn't quite your style, you should go check out my non-fic summer reading post here...  these are just the books I can take pictures of, because I've also been plowing through audiobooks, which will probably need their own post sometime.

1. the raven king. this is the fourth and final book of the raven cycle series.  leaving aside my irritation with the term "cycle" when obviously these do not "cycle" back around, and we should clearly be using the term "tetralogy," geeze...  these young adult fic books won't appeal to everyone, and I'd definitely categorize this as young adult fic bordering on the slightly-less-young-moderately-mature-adult fic for the more conservative among us.  however, for those who would find a paranormal urban fantasy book about teenagers appealing anyway, this series is phenomenal.  the character development, mainly, and the portrayal of relationships (platonic or otherwise), and the general prose style are all so dagnab enjoyable.  really also inspirational to me as a writer, to see maggie go from her earlier work (which I do not recommend actually) to the scorpio races and this series, which are approximately 6531815613256 lightyears better.

2. hamlet. because it's the best and I love it and it was overdue for a re-read? when you get to the "quintessence of dust" bit, you fall into raptures and force all of the mathematicians and scientists around you to read it and appreciate darn you!  oh, I will say, if you're new to shakespeare and/or intimidated/irritated by it, you could start off with any of the "no fear shakespeare" series, which explain every little reference to you and make everything much more hilarious.

3. the sweetness at the bottom of the pie. another re-read (I know, who am I?) well worth it.  alan bradley's voice is absurdly enjoyable, as the book is narrated by an extremely precocious eleven-year-old.  set in 1950s england, this is the first of a series of excellent murder mysteries.  my alpha writing partner sent me this one so that I could start over and catch up with the latest books, and it's a great feeling to know that there's plenty more to enjoy.

4. (not pictured) the inimitable jeeves. I finished this last night and it, like all books by p.g. wodehouse, is hilarious and feel-good.  to be honest, it warms my heart to see the relationships between the central characters, and all of the peripheral characters always crack me up.  I'm also 100% certain that jk rowling based fred and george weasley off of bertie wooster's cousins claude and eustace.  so if you're looking for a couple of characters to fill that hole in your heart, look no further.

stay tuned again because we'll probably talk poetry before we talk audiobooks.  but what fiction have you been reading lately?