Monday, September 5, 2016

second best coffeeshop

what you are seeing right now is the red ribbon nitro cold brew on tap at second best coffeeshop in kansas city. coffee on tap, you say?  what?  yeah.

I'd heard of cold brew on tap, aka coffee "treated with nitrogen, chilled in kegs, and served on draft," but had no idea that there was a place here in kc that served it!  so I got a bit inordinately excited over this and when my brother and I went over there saturday morning, it did not disappoint.  it's so smooth!

we also ordered their lavender-honey latte (house-made syrup and house-made almond milk) which was phenomenal, and not that I'm saying you should order two coffees for yourself, but the two drinks compliment each other well.  solution: take a friend who's not a sissy about sharing.

the atmo is also really enjoyable, with a slightly more down-to-earth born-and-bred kansan vibe than, say, oddly correct.  there's plenty of seating, appropriately edgy barista style, and merch for sale as well.

I also really like the inspiration behind the name "second best: midwestern modesty."  they say that they are committed to improvement, so they call themselves second best and then constantly strive to go beyond.  that's also behind the name "red ribbon" because that's the color you get in second place!  ain't it cute?

(ps: check out the cinemagraph I made above! infinite cars.)