Saturday, August 27, 2016

summer reading: non-fic

hey hey.  I did a fair bit of reading this summer (and still going) so I thought I'd start sharing some of the stuff I've plowed through in the past couple months.  there's a big stack, so I'm starting with the non-fiction and non-poetry...

1. searching for sunday. so I'd already read rachel held evans's other book, evolving in monkey town, a bit more than a year ago when my priest in tennessee loaned it to me.  this book definitely comes from the assumption that you are in the camp of faith, that you're a believer, and addresses struggles with how the church seems to often do a really sucky job of being the church.  so it might not make everybody happy, but it could be cathartic to read for anyone who identifies with that evangelicalism-to-"????" faith journey.  I can generally recommend evans's thoughtful writing in terms of quality.  the only thing you could find here to offend you would be her piercing critiques. 

2. saving darwin.  the subtitle to this book is "how to be a christian and believe in evolution."  it doesn't matter if you like darwinism or not, though the writer of this book obviously does, you should probably read this book. creationists, please read this book so that at least you can stop spreading embarrassing lies and misinformation. darwinists, please read this book so that you can stop spreading caricatures and lumping all christians into one camp.  everyone, please read this book so that you can get a bit of perspective and think critically without the hysteria that characterizes the topic. the writing style is fantastic, though I'd say this guy is still relatively sarcastic at moments, so keep your shirt on, mabel.

3. something other than god. a book with a slightly misleading title, since although jennifer spends a lot of her life searching for something other than god, she ends up finding--you guessed it, the catholic church. it's actually pretty interesting because she doesn't have a huge conversion "moment." rather, over time and chapters, she realizes that she believes in (a) god now? and then the idea of purgatory and the policy on contraception seem to make the catholic church resound with her.  at any rate, she's interesting, her husband is interesting, and it's pretty compelling that they were both drawn into religion simultaneously.  the punctuation in the book, however, is...nontraditional and sort of set me on edge, but you can get past that, haha.

all right, those are the non-fiction books I've finished already, though there are more in the rotation at the moment.  with school/work lately, there wasn't much time to read in the last couple of weeks, but when things settle into a routine, it'll all get more relaxed, I think.  what are you guys reading lately?