Monday, August 1, 2016

henry's upstairs + a ragdoll kitten

hey kids!  there's this coffeeshop in lawrence with a bar upstairs where they have irish music jam sessions on sunday nights.  I met a friend out there around six, and I loved the inside of this little bar.  big windows, nice aesthetic, good bourbon, interesting art choices, haha... and the music was just so nice to hear.  it's all stuff I grew up on but didn't really know anyone else into it for the most part.  so it was a little surreal to hear all these folk tunes played by a dozen or so people.  I would have liked to take better pictures, but I have weird feels about taking pictures of people without permission when I'm not in my town.  at any rate, if you're around lawrence some sunday, you ought to check it out.  all in all, extremely pleasant way to spend an evening.

and now I leave you with this picture of the most adorable kitten currently living.  happy monday, everybody!