Wednesday, August 10, 2016

chicago: the field museum

greetings, children!

I just got home from a trip to chicago, so let's continue the trend of pictures-from-places that this blog has become.

fun fact about me: I love the atlantic ocean, but I may have even more of an attachment to lake michigan.  there's a lot of childhood nostalgia wrapped up in both bodies of water.  just look at it up there, blue!  I'll tell you, you can get better sea glass in lake michigan than you can anywhere else.

I had an early flight on sunday, so there was tons of time to get a bus up to the field museum and wander around for the afternoon. I got basic admission tickets online beforehand and look kids, that's the way you want to go, trust me.

real talk: I have a lot of good memories of the field museum, and as always, I'm going to love a place that's got a lot of old dead things...but I must admit, as a "museum experience," it's quite second to the american museum of natural history, which I have blogged a few times.

I'm not sure how to quantify that, to be honest.  and it doesn't really matter because the field museum is so. much. more. than just a museum, but you know, the dioramas leave something to be desired, and it's less impressive from a design/presentation standpoint, if that makes any sense.  regardless, lots to learn, and a fantastic plant section!  if my job could be making models of a million plant specimens, I'd be in heaven.

I am, of course, inclined to like the field museum, nostalgia aside, simply because I'm such a big fan of emily graslie and the brain scoop, which you should check out.  because of following her on twitter, I was all sorts of excited about the brand new (relatively) hyena diorama, which was very impressive.

oh hey, sue, my fave.  did you know t.rexes had unlimited tooth supplies? like, in that picture you can make out that one is broken, and a few back, a new one is coming in...

anyways, that was the field museum!  stay tuned for another post of pictures soon because I also made it to shedd aquarium aka my favorite place on earth, and I'll try to get that up this week too. peace out, kiddos!