Sunday, July 17, 2016

oddly correct + kc plaza

greetings, cheeldren.  allow me to introduce you to an excellent little coffeeshop in kansas city, oddly correct.  

oddly correct is one of those absurdly quirky places that would be totally insufferable if they weren't so darn good.  they don't provide cream and sugar, the coffee's that good.  my brother brought me here for the first time last winter, I think, so I can attest to the hot and cold brews.  there's excellent seating with big windows in case of people-watching, etc. etc. 

we also did some wandering around the plaza while we were in the area.  I'm surprised that most people don't know this, but our sister city is sevilla, in spain.  the city of fountains.  so the plaza in kansas city is just full of fountains, some of which are literal copies from spain.

brush creek runs through this area with nice biking/walking paths alongside.

if you're willing to brave the heat and humidity on a summer day, the architecture alone can be worth the trip, if you're nerds like us who appreciate terracotta roofing and hand-wrought iron... anyways, it was a brief excursion to make the most of a drive up there in the first place, and I thought I'd share these few pictures.  one thing I will say - so. much. available. parking!  wow.

peace out kids.  see you next week!