Wednesday, July 6, 2016

home again home again

back in kansas, but this post features a few pictures from ozone falls near crossville, tennessee.

I'm running around like a crazy person today, unpacking things and then collapsing, skyping into meetings and then whining through the portugal vs wales game, starting laundry and then forgetting to fold it... I'll go to writer's group tonight - first time in so long away - and read a dorky short story of mine that I never really finished satisfactorily.  it's about a fluffy young man of great fortune who is put upon by mother and honor alike to challenge a stable boy to a duel.

'Twas no light matter, a duel of the Gilligan Hugheses. 'Twas no light matter, the honor of the Gilligan Hugheses. It was mandatory, burbled Mrs. Third, that a solid breakfast was consumed without delay. 

in case anyone wondered whether I can drive without cruise control for twelve hours, the answer is yes.  it is debatable, however, whether I would have been able to achieve this feat without my sister and a plethora of excellent cds to which to listen.

real talk: stress does me in.  I'm doing some things these next few months to work on that, because what I'd really like is to be better at coping with stress.  I'm all right with changing my lifestyle to avoid it in order to stay healthy, and I have, but I'd like someday to have more options.  I'm in that dagnab twenty-two-year-old zone where I'm not interested in settling, but I want a more permanent trajectory to my career.  I know that the jobs and projects I'm working on now are a necessary limbo and only bound to last a year, but internally I'm saying "let's get going chasing x, y, and z!"  so pretty soon here, I'm going to be studying some new stuff in earnest.  we'll see where it goes.

I do want to say, I'm going to be trying to avoid screens for awhile now, so I think this blog may drop back to about once a week posting.  otherwise, it shouldn't change much.  you can still expect freelensed photos of my plants, various recipes, monthly playlists, and daytrip/excursion reports, though they'll revolve around the kc/lawrence area more often, odds are.  so there's a bit of a road map for us all.  meanwhile, chase what you want to chase, everybody.  later, kids!