Saturday, June 4, 2016

the cove

greetings, everyone.

I was up in the city yesterday afternoon and evening, and I'll post pictures and such from that, I promise, but today I went hiking so I don't have time... Instead, can I interest you in a couple pictures from atop the dune at mcallister county park?

apparently people call this area "the cove."  it's tricky to get to, sort of.  incidentally, I used to trespass on the actual belle terre beach just down the dune on the inner side and I never got caught, but from talking to other people I gather I'm just that dagnab lucky.  so don't trespass.

instead, park down in port jeff itself, on the street in the village, and walk up broadway to cliff road, and then take cliff road until it dies (spoilers: it finds the cliff, loses its nerve, and turns around).  upon reaching this loop, look around past the guardrail for a gap in the bushes.  yeah, a gap in the bushes.

follow the gap in the bushes and try to look subtle.  watch out for roots, debris, sticks, and scrub, which - I heard - are referred to by inebriated friends as "mad branches, man."  but if you follow the little trail you'll come down the cusp of a big sandy dune, and out on the top you can decide whether to go down into the harbor or slide down the outside slope out of sight of the floating pontoon-boat-holiday-weekend-islands.

it's worth the walk from and back to the village, two miles each way, because you can find the coolest rocks on this beach and throw them in the water with relatively little disturbance from other human beings.