Monday, June 13, 2016


hey kiddos. let's have a short post today with that kind of lazy stream-of-consciousness writing you all know I love.  I'll even accompany the ramblings with these fine pictures of robert moses in the early mornin'.

my google chrome updated today.  you know how you just type the first few letters of whatever site you're trying to get to, and then chrome autofills and you hit "enter" without finishing?  yeah, it wiped all those so now fun things are happening like me googling "blo" when I decide to write this post.  it's really cutting back my efficiency, man.

there are ants in our spice cupboard. I haven't had the emotional stamina to address this beyond pulling all the spices out and cluttering up the valuable real estate of our counterspace.  well, we also killed all the ants we could find.  today I purchased ant poison so I will address it this afternoon, after a cup of tea and some psych-up music.  sometimes it's just one of those days, you know?

on saturday, I went into the city alone to do some wandering, and it was so wonderful I'm going to do it again as many times as I can before the end of the month.  I picked up half a class in nassau county that I didn't expect, so I have the extra income to justify the train tickets.  anyway, I'll have a post up soon with some pictures and a brief report.  I hope you guys don't get too bored of all these wanderish posts.  I guess they're mostly for my own good - to catalog and record memories for myself.

you know what I'm most dreading about moving back to the midwest? wait for it...the air conditioning. yep. I hate it.

did you know there are professional fly-fishing guides?  I didn't know that was a thing.  "yo, bobby, what do you want to do when you grow up?"  "well shucks...I want to stand in a river and teach people how to fool fish for a living."

it's very encouraging how things come back to you.  when I first got out of school, I thought, yes! I can read books again! I have time!  and then I found that my reading attention span had dwindled spectacularly.  I was horrified with myself.

but now I've been reading a lot and it's all back.  I can sit on a train and read the whole two hours.  I can loiter in washington square park and read without getting tired or bored.  same thing happened with knitting - I picked up the needles and found that I could do four rows and get bored.  a week later, and I'm back up to speed and back into the rhythm.  knitting stamina is, of course, not that important, but it's nice to know that old endeavors can come back full strength.

all right.  I'm going to send some emails, do the dishes, kill the ants, and get ready to teach tonight.  if I say it all here, it's likelier to get done, right?  have a good monday, everybody - or more realistically, have a marginal monday.  no pressure.