Sunday, June 5, 2016

old dead bones + things blooming in central park

hey kids.  picture-heavy couple of posts coming up this week, just warning you! 

I've been trying to take advantage of the short time I have left in this corner of the country (for now), which means that a) I have a lot of feelings because new york and b) ow my feet and c) please pass the coffee. again.

I'm probably not going to wax particularly voluble on my move or my feels on new york.  I say that and then heaven knows I'll put out some kind of angsty, transparent post before the day actually comes.  but places are such extremely personal things.  my mother and I love nyc, for example, and probably for different ways, and I know other people who have zero interest in it.  heck - I don't think two people can experience the mild-mannered suburb where I grew up the same way, let alone a ridiculously huge place like nyc and the tacked-on long island.

so these pictures are from friday.  I got the last morning train after a meeting and headed into penn station.  from there, I took the subway up to amnh, which I had visited before with my brother.  I met up with my truly excellent friend dom before we both leave the area.

after a jaunt through the museum looking at the space stuff and the dinosaurs principally - with a field trip to the gnu diorama featuring a dramatic reading of good gnu by p.g. wodehouse - we sallied forth into the outdoors to see the green things in central park on our way to dinner.

based on the above picture, I like to assume somewhere there is a picture of me standing on the benchish part of a central park bridge with my camera glued to my face.

it's now early sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table feeling very dizzy and tired.  I haven't slept much in days, and have taken several somewhat taxing outings on top of bad blood-pressure days, which means standing up right this second is a foolhardy endeavor.  all this to say, I can't think of a good way to end this post...

so I guess I will just say that soon, there will be photos from wandering through east village to a beautiful indian restaurant that has imprinted itself very strangely on my mind, which you may have already seen if you follow me on instagram.  I'm going to go make another cup of coffee now, so I hope that everyone is having a nice weekend and that your brains are as overwhelmed as mine, in a good way.