Monday, June 27, 2016

nypl + highline + wsp

friends, I am writing this post haphazardly in the middle of the day on this, the monday of our discontent. I have a cup of coffee already lukewarm in front of me, an itchy trigger finger that keeps checking my work emails, and a healthy(?) sense of anxiety about fitting my life into the back of a scion.

here are some pictures from my last day in the city this past weekend.  I say "last" meaning for now, for the moment, as in I don't have my next day in the city quote-unquote scheduled.  but I'll be back.  probably very soon.  probably next spring.  we shall see.

on saturday, I wandered again.  first up, I went up to bryant park and the new york public library, known more specifically as the fancy-one-with-the-lions-yeah-that-one.  I thought this key was nifty with its teeny crest.

below you see thoreau's handwriting.  thoreau was particularly important to me as a small treehugging child.

I ate a peanut butter sandwich outside the library with the pigeons.  a lovely gentleman with special needs beelined for me and we had a nice little conversation.  he had a ukulele and played it with delightful abandon.

after that, I walked to the high line.  I expected much from the high line, perhaps unfairly.  it was, after all, very hot out.  there were too many people, all walking too quickly for me to stop and take photos, and yet walking so slowly I tripped over them.  you come to the north and you think you won't have to deal with people who don't know how to walk quickly on the right side of the road, but alas, there is always a place that doesn't get the memo.

a lot of the high line is really pretty though, and I think would be very enjoyable on a cooler evening.  the flowers are nice, and there is a good amount of encroaching-tree-branch action.

after that, I went by the david zwirner art gallery, but there was a line and ain't nobody got time for that?  so I left there and went to my true love of a park, washington square.  bet nobody saw that coming.

this guy was making this amazing art, somehow very passably symmetrical! and it looks like chalk, but it's so much more than's colored sand.  sand, brother.  I was so impressed.

if all I ever did was sit in the fountain and read books and people watch and look at the rainbows, my life would be flawless. I could do that forever and ever.

the last thing I did was step into the barnes & noble on union square and purchase a book that I am very excited to read and which I am sure will appear in a post here relatively soon.  

the next several days may or may not be crazy.  I'm driving solo tuesday and wednesday, but I may be around ish... so I shouldn't be too awol, but I make no promises.  argentina lost last night, so in the end, vanity of vanities, all is vanity, alas and alack.  the real injustice here is that I walked everywhere so I have money left on my metro card.  ah well.  happy monday!