Wednesday, June 8, 2016

kaaterskill falls

last week I hiked kaaterskill falls! here, have a bunch of pictures and my general comments:

so the place is about a three-hour drive from where I live on long island. this hike is extremely popular, so first off, parking is not the easiest.  you do have to traipse along a lot of road with very little shoulder with fast cars whizzing by you.

fun fact: I saw a dead cat on the road.  at least...I think it was a cat.  it might have been an extremely unfortunate raccoon, I suppose.

once you get to the actual location, you see a kind of minor waterfall and a couple watering-hole-ish ponds with some people swimming in them.  the idea, however, is to then...hike.  up to the next fall stage.

the trail is pretty steep but not challenging at all.  this might be strange, but I really appreciated how ummm stabilized it was?  if that makes any sense... you know how when you go to hike around a non-maintained place, and you have to test each rock before you step on it because what if it's loose or wobbly or whatnot? yeah, didn't really have to do that here.  it stood out to me, haha.

the trail climb itself is also really pretty because you're going alongside the stream and you can see fallen trees and plants and rocks and what I assumed were frat bros with sub-par IQ's taking dumb risks.

everything was very green and red, kind of like the hikes I've done in colorado, but with less scree. the main part of the hike takes you up to the middle stage of the falls, which is the best, but the extra part of the trail above that was closed for maintenance.  the water was cold man but in a good way because you've just hiked through heat.

the place is popular and there are definitely a lot of people around, if that bothers you... but they were all cool people, no one particularly rowdy or foolish, and even some small children and dogs!  somehow the crowds seem to circulate in waves, so you end up not feeling smothered at all, no matter where you land.

and the views are real nice, man.

final verdict: extremely pleasant in pretty much every way!  especially if you live nearby.  it'd be hard to justify going back since the drive is pretty hardcore from where I live, and like...driving through the city? not the best.  but to do it once?  worth it, I'd say.

any more suggestions for things I have to see before I move?  I've got a lot of plans, but I want to take advantage of being here as much as I can. let me know in the comments!