Monday, June 20, 2016

i really like parks, okay? geeze.

here I refer you to last week.  I did the same thing on saturday, taking a train into penn and wandering the city at will, but mostly south.  I know the area north of penn station pretty well, so I've been exploring the bottom half of manhattan lately. 

I made my way to washington square park again because a.) there are a lot of dogs there and b.) I really like the fountain and c.) it's big and ends up being pretty peaceful in the grass.

I've noticed that I don't get eaten by insects when hanging around in the grass of nyc parks... which scares me a little bit, because when I hang around in our front yard, there are bugs galore.  so what exactly is the city doing to its lawns? should I be scared? oh well.

I always try to remember my little stories for these posts, but the fact of the matter is, this first half of the day was really uneventful. soon, I'll put up my pictures from the second half, wherein I sallied forth to battery park on the recommendation of my therapist.

hup, I just told you all that I see a therapist.  yes, I do, and ten bucks says you all should too.  it's good for you, especially if you have trouble separating what you think about everything from what everybody thinks about you.  to be honest - sappy time - I've seen more productive results from the last six months in therapy than the four or five forced years of it before.  work out the kinks and invest in your dagnab mental health, kids.  gosh.

my favorite thing about washington square park is definitely the fountain.  I love that everyone sits on, in, or around it, and that children run around having the mind-blowing experience of meeting a dog for what seems to be the first time.  I can sit there and read for approximately two hundred years straight, no problem.

I had an eventful weekend and now I feel like I just can't get moving this morning, but I have a long day ahead of me.  possibly the real problem is looking into the future and seeing ah yes, I won't get back from nassau county until 10:30 or 11 tonight... and that's a terrible thought. positive side! ready? it's sunny.  I'm darn good at making coffee.  dry-erase markers are not that expensive.  aaaand it's...sunny.

the sun counts for a lot.  got quite a few trips planned this week, and we'll play catch-up a little from this last weekend, just because there probably won't be much action in this corner of the internet next week, what with all the cross-country-driving and family-seeing and lake-side-hammocking that I foresee with my magical psychic powers.  so yes, happy monday, everyone!