Wednesday, June 1, 2016

good things and bad things

hey kids.

hmm...not much to say, but it's been a few days since my last post.  it's been quiet over here.  not much going on except working as a stand-in manager, which has been simultaneously awesome and a major learning curve.  "it's been so long since a post! where you been, lydia?"  well, friends...maryland, in spirit, mostly.  ha.

I suppose if there's anyone reading who doesn't know and to whom it matters, I may as well officially state for the record that I'm moving back to kansas city at the end of this month.  lots of things about the move make sense, and it's definitely the right thing to do, but I'm not going to pretend it's all unadulterated excitement.  I'm psyched to be near my friends and family, and I've grown nostalgic for the midwest if you can believe it, and let's be real - the cost of living is about eight billion times better there.

I'm qualified to use big numbers like eight billion because I have a degree in math.

but there are definitely things about new york that are going to break my heart.  I'm going to miss the beach, the proximity to the city, and the easy access to vietnamese instant coffee...but of course, most of all, the people I've met.  I don't make friends easily, but I've developed all sorts of pleasant feelings for some of the people in my vicinity.  and of course, a major player in the wistful tragedy of missing-people-ness is my beloved local starbucks, and the cool kids club that osmosed me into their midst.  good things and bad things, like...uh, most things, I suppose.

anyways, I do have a couple posts I'll put up here pretty soon, with more of lydia's classic pictures-of-random-beaches.  the trouble is not having a lot of words to go with them, you know?  the brain was fried by school, and then I dunno, I'm in one of those phases where I have a lot of feelings and internal vibes, but they haven't coagulated into thoughts and words yet.  so bear with me, kiddos.  I hope everyone's wednesdays are spot on.  peace out.

[Edited to Add: this post brought to you in part by my roommates flower-buying skillz.]