Sunday, June 12, 2016

good stuff #10

1. these dinosaur earrings. (and dom saying, essentially, "hang on, I wouldn't be a real friend if I let any more time pass without mentioning your dinosaur earrings.")

 2. this avocado plant. (and how, when I proudly showed it to her, my roommate said, "oh. so you're growing a tree!")

3. this mario badescu drying lotion. (because it's something the internet raves about that is, for once, not $80+ and it. works. gosh.)

4. nesting rocks from mcallister. (half because of the eternal search for the perfect ones to live inside the nest. sometimes you have to compromise.)

more good stuff:
 - I know what I'm watching all day every day. (well, some days)
 - serious france-in-the-summertime envy going on here.
 - lindsey's channel (subscribe to her).