Wednesday, June 15, 2016

forgot my dagnab sd card

hey kids.

on saturday, I got up and caught the train into the city in spite of a forecast calling for rain.  it didn't rain.  we can only assume that I'm a magical charm that prevents bad weather.  that's real science right there.

in washington square park, in the late morning, it was very peaceful, with a woman making colossal soap bubbles for children, and this little musical duo that seemed to play - literally - only banjos of some sort.

I also brought my camera with me only to discover that I had left my sd card in my computer at home.  if it's not one thing, it's another.  still, it's okay because I'm going back this weekend and I'll remember it this time.

after the park, I spent quite a bit of time wandering the area south of that, generally soho.  the buildings are very pretty - at least to me.  there were a couple places I had bookmarked to case for future reference...

for example, this little cafe called laduree.  it's cute, but absurdly expensive, and you have to be dressed up.  I was not, so I bought two macarons and got the heck outta dodge.  they were, however, pretty impressive macarons, though I'm no judge because I'm actually pretty sure I'd never had one before.  pistachio and cherry blossom.  both nice.

the best thing about soho is that the sidewalks are covered in art shops. I walked up and down a lot of the streets in the area, just looking at structures and these kind of pop-ups...

also on my list to scope out was the ward-nasse gallery. this was nice, though I was one of only two people in there, so I felt self-conscious about the squeaky floor, haha.

throughout the day, three separate people spontaneously started conversations with me.  granted, one of them I think was trying to sell me something because he asked me if I like to get my nails done, but when I told him no, I'm a musician, he had a whole conversation with me separately.  and he was really nice and we talked about instruments and how he lives in brooklyn and is having a pool party, haha.

and also granted, another guy evangelized me for the hare krishna festival going on in the park, but he talked to me a good half-hour at least, told me about himself, asked me about myself... we had a whole big discussion about fundamentalists and the varieties of christianity and we ironed out a few of his misconceptions, haha.  it's funny that other religions are so much better at evangelizing than christians.  I mean, I sit on a plane next to a gideon bible guy and he doesn't wait a second to hear me tell him I'm returning from a literal academic christian leadership camp and could run circles around you in apologetics, buddy.  or a catholic lady who prefaces her spiel with two questions, are you in college? oh, no? did you go to college here?  no? oh, well, let me tell you about--  it's funny, in a sad way.  this guy - his name was jason, I think - had an entire conversation with me about my background and where I'm at in life, asked me my opinions and what I'm reading, and yes, for 1% of that conversation, he was handing me a pamphlet. but mostly, he was making a friend - or at least acting like he cared.

maybe some people are offended by that.  I'm sure there are a lot of really good christian evangelists who invest in their marks and that kind of thing, and I just haven't met them - and maybe that's because of where I've lived and how people can generally assume that I'm a christian, who knows?  so instead, here: have this blurry picture of a lounging squirrel.  and the knowledge that when he moved while I was taking a second picture, several new yorkers heard me utter the words, "aw, shucks."

the last place I really went into and wandered was the evolution store.  they had all sorts of interesting stuff that was purported to be really old, or at least, really dead.

the main excitement here was that he let me hold a piece of a meteorite and a dinosaur tooth.  assuming they were legit.

on my walk back to the train station area, I paused to go into grace church for a second and look at their stained glass.

then I watched the first half of the usa game (very satisfying) at a pub called stout nyc, sitting at the bar alone surrounded by people saying, "does anyone really care about soccer?"  I know there are only six people in the united states who are interested at all, but all six of us were there and yelling, was a good time.  anyways, this weekend I'll go back with my camera for real, and I'm thinking about focusing on black-and-white, so that should be something a little different for you guys. peace out, kiddos.