Monday, June 6, 2016

east village + milon bangladesh

after we left amnh and central park (scroll back or click here for part one!), dom and I took the subway down to east village...

I learned what "gentrification" is, I think - from what I understand, it's when a lower-income area starts to become like...trendy, maybe because an art community grows or because the media draws attention to positive aspects of the neighborhood, that kind of thing? and then wealthier people start moving in and driving up property values and cost of living and that kind of thing.  apparently that happened to this area.

one of the things I love about the city - like, my heart is breaking a little bit to leave it far behind soon - is knowing the sheer number of people living there.  like, eight million people.  eight million.  all doing their lives in this small area, building vertically on top of one another, creating art with one another, leaving marks on walls and sidewalks and tiny gardens and apartments together, answering their phones in different languages, cooking different food, playing different music, speedwalking elbow to elbow with one another.

remember how yesterday I said I wasn't going to talk about my new york feels? and right up there I used the phrase "my heart is breaking."  I know, I know, I sicken myself.

okay, now it's time to start talking about this restaurant, milon bangladesh.  you know that scene in daredevil season 2, where matt and karen go to a fancy restaurant and he's like "sorry, this just isn't my speed..." and then he takes her to a tiny little indian place? yeah. that's this place.  I had no idea it was a real place.  that blew my mind, first of all, but let me tell you - it's so much more than that.

when you walk up the stoop to this place, at least two maitre d's descend upon you loudly.  dom told me you have to be aggressive about where you want to go, haha.  assuming you fend off the competition and make it into milon, you're greeted by an abundance of hanging colorful lights.  the room is narrow and long, lined by tables, walls covered by pictures what looks like wrapping paper.  the food is amazing! vegetable samosas, banana pakora, and I think chana bhazi poori, madras with lamb, and I forget what dom had but it was excellent also.  at the very end, the hanging pepper lights suddenly cut off, and small rotating disco-ish lights turned on.  someone cranked up the music, and there was clapping and "happy birthday."  (dom winks broadly because it is not, in fact, my birthday yet, but he wanted me to see what they do for it, haha.)

I don't know how to describe it all without sounding sappy.  vibrant color, fantastic food, good music and excellent conversation, beautiful weather and new streets to walk through... it was a pretty good friday.  warranting, I think, a rare emoticon on this blog.  ready? here it comes...