Friday, June 24, 2016

creative navigation; brooklyn bridge

another city trip...this time with a more targeted trajectory!  we planned this itinerary, and then...when we got to the train station, I found that I had forgotten my phone. (if it's not one thing it's another.)

panicking, I quickly evaluated my ability to survive without it.  I felt confident about my ability to get to washington square park, and from there to battery park, and probably from there to the brooklyn bridge, but...I'm a millennial.  I was sure I was forgetting some task that only my phone can do which would render me incapacitated and possibly dead in the city.  (millennials also like hyperbole.)

but we decided we could make it anyway.  in the absence of g.p.s., we would utilize m.a.p.s and pirate starbucks wi-fi to plan out routes if needed.  and everything was okay, except for the fact that I was unable to check the score during the chile vs. colombia game.

this is a fire department boat, and I believe it was testing its...spigots...or whatever they are, and as we walked along the battery park waterfront, the jets got higher and higher...

we took a train across to brooklyn heights, and here is what I will say about phones: they do guard against awkward eye contact with other passengers.  oh well.

so I had picked out this pizza place delarocco's based on hearing of it on the internet awhile ago, and while I'm no connoisseur, this turned out to be not a dud.  the opposite of a disappointment.  a pleasant validation.  or something.

for the curious, we ordered the arrabbiata and the dellarocco, both of which were excellent.  the atmosphere was very pleasant, well-laid-out (you know, like feng shui or whatever), and the restrooms say "WC" on them so that's how you know you're in a real civilized joint.

we left there a little before 8, and wandered our way back up to the brooklyn bridge, so as to cross it on foot as the sun set.  ergo, you will now see an obscene number of photos from that little jaunt.  carry on.

there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed these extremely repetitive and predictable photographs. after that, it got dark quickly, so we took a subway up to times square and walked slowly back from there to catch our train home.  stay tuned, because I'm going once more before I leave, and I plan to hit up the high line.