Thursday, June 30, 2016

checking in (feat. the beach)

hey kiddos, just a quick check-in from the road.  I'm in kentucky right now and even though I actually slept last night (go me!) I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.

complicated emotions on the move, of course.  in those zones where I don't even really want to talk about it?  so instead, just a couple updates.  for one, driving stick long distance is not that bad!  I ended up never putting cruise-control on my car, and I'm so glad I don't regret it.  I've driven fourteen or fifteen hours solo so far (the long island to louisville road) with no issues at all.  I'm keeping myself entertained with this, this, the complete works of josh garrells, and my own playlists.

I travel with a lot of  so that when I stop somewhere, it goes like this...

everyone: long are you staying?

me, carrying in a guitar, a violin, a suitcase full of records, another bag, a backpack, and five or six plants: just a night, why?

sitting in the car alone all day mostly gives me a chance to perfect my internal rants about trump bumper (trumper?) stickers and the people who sport them.  but I imagine that such angst is better suited for my stint in the student senate than this particular corner of the internet.  all the same...beware!  if you provoke me, I have fifteen-hours'-worth of perfected soapboxing ready to roll into the tseWdiM.  (the backwards midwest)

at any rate, now I go back to work, and tomorrow I'll be continuing the trek down into tennessee, and posting will be as scattered as we can all predict.  lezz go.