Wednesday, June 22, 2016

all hail the queen of serendipitous pigeon photographs

[spoilers: the pigeon shot is at the bottom of the post.]

if you're curious, these first three pictures are of the national museum of the american indian, which I did not enter, but which you walk past going to battery park, and the outside of it is excellent.

we (me + roommate + roommate's sister) are actually going into the city today too, but we're going to do a similar circuit.  washington square park to battery park, but then onward to the brooklyn bridge and into brooklyn heights for dinner.  I'm pretty excited.

battery park, I love.  turns out I had been there before, last august for a movie-on-the-lawn type showing of dr. strangelove.  I love washington square park, I really do, but battery park is my new favorite.  the greens are very peaceful, and waterside anything is a trump card in my book.

there were a lot of sailboats out on the water.  this was around golden hour, and the sky looked incredible.

battery park also has the east coast memorial for wwii soldiers lost at sea.

at this point I wish I had a lens that zooms... the clippers sailing around and the statue of liberty? but ah well, you can kinda see them way out there.

the freedom tower is also right there, and it's beautiful, and a little surreal for someone who is old enough to clearly remember 9/11.  you're like "well yeah, we all can," but now that I'm not just teaching students my own age, I'm finding out that high schoolers were kinda too young to recall.

there follow here more pictures of battery park's gardens and waterfront, which I walked up and down for quite some time.  look at the sky!

and as promised, the shot that I was about to take of the sun bursting through clouds, when a bird flashed across the frame, and I got lucky with my trigger finger, haha.