Thursday, June 30, 2016

checking in (feat. the beach)

hey kiddos, just a quick check-in from the road.  I'm in kentucky right now and even though I actually slept last night (go me!) I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.

complicated emotions on the move, of course.  in those zones where I don't even really want to talk about it?  so instead, just a couple updates.  for one, driving stick long distance is not that bad!  I ended up never putting cruise-control on my car, and I'm so glad I don't regret it.  I've driven fourteen or fifteen hours solo so far (the long island to louisville road) with no issues at all.  I'm keeping myself entertained with this, this, the complete works of josh garrells, and my own playlists.

I travel with a lot of  so that when I stop somewhere, it goes like this...

everyone: long are you staying?

me, carrying in a guitar, a violin, a suitcase full of records, another bag, a backpack, and five or six plants: just a night, why?

sitting in the car alone all day mostly gives me a chance to perfect my internal rants about trump bumper (trumper?) stickers and the people who sport them.  but I imagine that such angst is better suited for my stint in the student senate than this particular corner of the internet.  all the same...beware!  if you provoke me, I have fifteen-hours'-worth of perfected soapboxing ready to roll into the tseWdiM.  (the backwards midwest)

at any rate, now I go back to work, and tomorrow I'll be continuing the trek down into tennessee, and posting will be as scattered as we can all predict.  lezz go.

Monday, June 27, 2016

nypl + highline + wsp

friends, I am writing this post haphazardly in the middle of the day on this, the monday of our discontent. I have a cup of coffee already lukewarm in front of me, an itchy trigger finger that keeps checking my work emails, and a healthy(?) sense of anxiety about fitting my life into the back of a scion.

here are some pictures from my last day in the city this past weekend.  I say "last" meaning for now, for the moment, as in I don't have my next day in the city quote-unquote scheduled.  but I'll be back.  probably very soon.  probably next spring.  we shall see.

on saturday, I wandered again.  first up, I went up to bryant park and the new york public library, known more specifically as the fancy-one-with-the-lions-yeah-that-one.  I thought this key was nifty with its teeny crest.

below you see thoreau's handwriting.  thoreau was particularly important to me as a small treehugging child.

I ate a peanut butter sandwich outside the library with the pigeons.  a lovely gentleman with special needs beelined for me and we had a nice little conversation.  he had a ukulele and played it with delightful abandon.

after that, I walked to the high line.  I expected much from the high line, perhaps unfairly.  it was, after all, very hot out.  there were too many people, all walking too quickly for me to stop and take photos, and yet walking so slowly I tripped over them.  you come to the north and you think you won't have to deal with people who don't know how to walk quickly on the right side of the road, but alas, there is always a place that doesn't get the memo.

a lot of the high line is really pretty though, and I think would be very enjoyable on a cooler evening.  the flowers are nice, and there is a good amount of encroaching-tree-branch action.

after that, I went by the david zwirner art gallery, but there was a line and ain't nobody got time for that?  so I left there and went to my true love of a park, washington square.  bet nobody saw that coming.

this guy was making this amazing art, somehow very passably symmetrical! and it looks like chalk, but it's so much more than's colored sand.  sand, brother.  I was so impressed.

if all I ever did was sit in the fountain and read books and people watch and look at the rainbows, my life would be flawless. I could do that forever and ever.

the last thing I did was step into the barnes & noble on union square and purchase a book that I am very excited to read and which I am sure will appear in a post here relatively soon.  

the next several days may or may not be crazy.  I'm driving solo tuesday and wednesday, but I may be around ish... so I shouldn't be too awol, but I make no promises.  argentina lost last night, so in the end, vanity of vanities, all is vanity, alas and alack.  the real injustice here is that I walked everywhere so I have money left on my metro card.  ah well.  happy monday!

Friday, June 24, 2016

creative navigation; brooklyn bridge

another city trip...this time with a more targeted trajectory!  we planned this itinerary, and then...when we got to the train station, I found that I had forgotten my phone. (if it's not one thing it's another.)

panicking, I quickly evaluated my ability to survive without it.  I felt confident about my ability to get to washington square park, and from there to battery park, and probably from there to the brooklyn bridge, but...I'm a millennial.  I was sure I was forgetting some task that only my phone can do which would render me incapacitated and possibly dead in the city.  (millennials also like hyperbole.)

but we decided we could make it anyway.  in the absence of g.p.s., we would utilize m.a.p.s and pirate starbucks wi-fi to plan out routes if needed.  and everything was okay, except for the fact that I was unable to check the score during the chile vs. colombia game.

this is a fire department boat, and I believe it was testing its...spigots...or whatever they are, and as we walked along the battery park waterfront, the jets got higher and higher...

we took a train across to brooklyn heights, and here is what I will say about phones: they do guard against awkward eye contact with other passengers.  oh well.

so I had picked out this pizza place delarocco's based on hearing of it on the internet awhile ago, and while I'm no connoisseur, this turned out to be not a dud.  the opposite of a disappointment.  a pleasant validation.  or something.

for the curious, we ordered the arrabbiata and the dellarocco, both of which were excellent.  the atmosphere was very pleasant, well-laid-out (you know, like feng shui or whatever), and the restrooms say "WC" on them so that's how you know you're in a real civilized joint.

we left there a little before 8, and wandered our way back up to the brooklyn bridge, so as to cross it on foot as the sun set.  ergo, you will now see an obscene number of photos from that little jaunt.  carry on.

there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed these extremely repetitive and predictable photographs. after that, it got dark quickly, so we took a subway up to times square and walked slowly back from there to catch our train home.  stay tuned, because I'm going once more before I leave, and I plan to hit up the high line.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

all hail the queen of serendipitous pigeon photographs

[spoilers: the pigeon shot is at the bottom of the post.]

if you're curious, these first three pictures are of the national museum of the american indian, which I did not enter, but which you walk past going to battery park, and the outside of it is excellent.

we (me + roommate + roommate's sister) are actually going into the city today too, but we're going to do a similar circuit.  washington square park to battery park, but then onward to the brooklyn bridge and into brooklyn heights for dinner.  I'm pretty excited.

battery park, I love.  turns out I had been there before, last august for a movie-on-the-lawn type showing of dr. strangelove.  I love washington square park, I really do, but battery park is my new favorite.  the greens are very peaceful, and waterside anything is a trump card in my book.

there were a lot of sailboats out on the water.  this was around golden hour, and the sky looked incredible.

battery park also has the east coast memorial for wwii soldiers lost at sea.

at this point I wish I had a lens that zooms... the clippers sailing around and the statue of liberty? but ah well, you can kinda see them way out there.

the freedom tower is also right there, and it's beautiful, and a little surreal for someone who is old enough to clearly remember 9/11.  you're like "well yeah, we all can," but now that I'm not just teaching students my own age, I'm finding out that high schoolers were kinda too young to recall.

there follow here more pictures of battery park's gardens and waterfront, which I walked up and down for quite some time.  look at the sky!

and as promised, the shot that I was about to take of the sun bursting through clouds, when a bird flashed across the frame, and I got lucky with my trigger finger, haha.

Monday, June 20, 2016

i really like parks, okay? geeze.

here I refer you to last week.  I did the same thing on saturday, taking a train into penn and wandering the city at will, but mostly south.  I know the area north of penn station pretty well, so I've been exploring the bottom half of manhattan lately. 

I made my way to washington square park again because a.) there are a lot of dogs there and b.) I really like the fountain and c.) it's big and ends up being pretty peaceful in the grass.

I've noticed that I don't get eaten by insects when hanging around in the grass of nyc parks... which scares me a little bit, because when I hang around in our front yard, there are bugs galore.  so what exactly is the city doing to its lawns? should I be scared? oh well.

I always try to remember my little stories for these posts, but the fact of the matter is, this first half of the day was really uneventful. soon, I'll put up my pictures from the second half, wherein I sallied forth to battery park on the recommendation of my therapist.

hup, I just told you all that I see a therapist.  yes, I do, and ten bucks says you all should too.  it's good for you, especially if you have trouble separating what you think about everything from what everybody thinks about you.  to be honest - sappy time - I've seen more productive results from the last six months in therapy than the four or five forced years of it before.  work out the kinks and invest in your dagnab mental health, kids.  gosh.

my favorite thing about washington square park is definitely the fountain.  I love that everyone sits on, in, or around it, and that children run around having the mind-blowing experience of meeting a dog for what seems to be the first time.  I can sit there and read for approximately two hundred years straight, no problem.

I had an eventful weekend and now I feel like I just can't get moving this morning, but I have a long day ahead of me.  possibly the real problem is looking into the future and seeing ah yes, I won't get back from nassau county until 10:30 or 11 tonight... and that's a terrible thought. positive side! ready? it's sunny.  I'm darn good at making coffee.  dry-erase markers are not that expensive.  aaaand it's...sunny.

the sun counts for a lot.  got quite a few trips planned this week, and we'll play catch-up a little from this last weekend, just because there probably won't be much action in this corner of the internet next week, what with all the cross-country-driving and family-seeing and lake-side-hammocking that I foresee with my magical psychic powers.  so yes, happy monday, everyone!