Wednesday, May 25, 2016

when it rains we go to the beach

if it's only sprinkling, you can sit on the bottom half of your blanket and hold the top half up against the wind to shield your back and your books from the rain.  after awhile, it might stop so that you can flatten back out and do some reading.

then you might find some shell fragments and practice skipping them because the water is pretty laminar today.  the trick is to wait until the breaker rolls over, and then skim the surface as it washes back.  sometimes, though, a miniature after-breaker reaches up and snatches a shell that you're pretty sure was gonna skip like four times.  

after a few hours, light might break through sporadic cumulus, and you might make some jokes about heaven and the baptism of jesus.  they're not that irreverent, really.  then you might be forced to stand stillish while someone takes a picture with you in it.  all in all, it could be worse.

(the beach is robert moses, field 2, again, and you might get lucky and find out they're not collecting the fee today.)