Tuesday, May 24, 2016


before this, I had never eaten a radish (knowingly) and I had never eaten a pickle (again, I'm pretty darn sure).  but after reading this post, I couldn't stop thinking about pickled radishes.  or "pickled" radishes.  I'm not exactly clear on the definition of pickling, but whatever.

as I said, I had never eaten anything like it, because for some reason or other we were never really into radishes at my house?  but I had them on the mind, man.  so I got some and I half-followed the recipe and guess what?  it was everything I dreamed it would be.

(this has happened to me before.  namely, before I ever tried sushi, I read the old man and the sea.  page 16 of that pdf.  the dude eats raw tuna and as a youngster I thought to myself dang that sounds about right!  so.  but anyway, after craving what I imagined raw fish to taste like for years, I had sushi and yes.  it was everything I dreamed it would be.)

anyways radishes are a lot less gross than craving raw fish, yeah?  I'm still working out what you eat with them, but so far I love to layer them on top of avocado toast and if you don't think that's a beautiful combination, we can't be friends anymore.

kidding.  ish.

but yes, I only made a half-batch, and I used apple cider vinegar and a hint of cayenne instead of spices and a little bit of garlic, but otherwise followed that process.  and I love them.  you know what I really want to try next? pickled beets. is that a thing?