Sunday, May 1, 2016

movie feature: the jungle book

so we saw the jungle book on friday night!  this isn't really a review, per se, because a) don't wanna spoil it if you haven't seen it and b) I adore the story soooo I have nothing bad to say.  I. loved. it.

now I watched the original animated version like...probably literally dozens of times as a kid.  I'm very attached to it.  within the first thirty seconds of this film, I whispered, "they kept the music! I'm so happy!"  I feel like the spirit of the story was preserved so well.  baloo's dorky quips were a little modernized, the wolf pack played a much more prominent role, and kaa was notably a chick, but it all fit beautifully.  the choices that were made seemed to flow naturally and organically out of the story.

for example, one of the first new events is a "water truce" in which all of the animals of the jungle come together in a drought.  without getting into details, this provides an opportunity for a ticking-time-bomb, deadline-induced suspension, which is always a nice storytelling detail.  another plot addition involved the wolf pack and achieved an escalation of the stakes.  again, flowed naturally, which is always my standard.  the events that were omitted were natural to leave out, and I didn't mind.  and one of my favorite changes was the gangster-fying of king louie of the apes!  that had me in the car saying, "you come into my monkey temple...on this the day of my daughter's wedding..."

anyways all this to say I highly recommend the movie!  it won't offend you (in my opinion) if you loved the original.  and if you weren't attached to the original, it doesn't matter, because this film is hilarious, beautiful, and full of fun new details.  ten out of ten, man.