Wednesday, May 4, 2016

may the fourth be with you

quick note today in honor of my favorite day of the year!  (this morning I had a mini debate with myself about whether it's may the fourth or pi day, but let's be real pi day has only been really exciting the last two years because it was 3.14.15 and then engineers' pi day, 3.14.16 so no, may fourth wins.)

the next two weeks will be particularly ridiculous as school ends, finals occur, and I wrap up another class I'm teaching all at once!  so there will be a few posts I've already written up, most likely, but the crickets may resume here for the most part until we get through that...

my favorite barista at my mothership starbucks once called a coconut-milk-mocha the "coco-mocho" so the other day, I ordered one like that.  she said, "it makes my day that you called it a coco-mocho!" and I said, "well I listen to you!" and she said, "no one listens to me!"  so listen to your baristas, kids.  all right, peace out.