Saturday, May 21, 2016

long island aquarium (part one)

spent most of friday at the long island aquarium! I'm sorry to report they did not have jellyfish.  what kind of aquarium doesn't have jellyfish?  still, quite enjoyable!  I'm splitting this into two posts because I took a lot of pictures.  hope you enjoy!

the octopus is one of my all-time favorite animals.  this guy was super active and it was really dark but hey I think this blurry picture is kind of cool anyway?

look at this cuttlefish! look at his little face!


appreciate how many finding nemo comments I'm refraining from.  and stay tuned for a part two post which will feature the non-underwater parts of the LIA, because they also have butterflies, birds, otters, penguins, etc. etc. coming up tomorrow!