Saturday, May 7, 2016

girl talk: highlighters

because you want to look alive, right?  I don't quite remember when highlighter became such a pedestrian thing but I'm not bothered.  here are reviews of the three options in my possession, in case you're in the market for a little fooling-people-into-thinking-you're-awake-and/or-have-cheekbones...

1. a run-of-the-mill white eyeshadow, basically.  this one is from covergirl and is maybe $3-4 at a cvs or rite-aid.  you're likely to fall into sparkle territory here, but if you don't mind that (and I generally don't) this is quick, cheap, and easy.

2. I think my favorite is this highlighter trio from city color cosmetics. the gold shade goes a little sparkly too, but all three shades are excellently shimmery with a great payoff.  this came in my ipsy bag this month, so I can't take credit for discovering it myself.  little steeper as it looks like it's $8-9 online.

3. this pixi blush duo in "rose gold," which I also received (sans-kabuki) from ipsy.  I can tell you the blush side has got practically no color payoff and is generally pointless, but the highlighter half is very nice indeed.  all the same, I highly doubt that the kabuki that comes with it when you order makes the product worth the $18 price tag...

if you like highlighter, what's your go-to?