Friday, April 29, 2016


sometimes you try a recipe and it turns out to be a total dud.  and then you gotta do all these dishes and what do you have in return?  a dud recipe.  oh well...

so then you consult a friend who knows what's what, and she gives you a different recipe and that one turns out great!  possibly because it's not a traditional recipe, but...hey at least it's edible!  then you go back to pretending to do homework and trying to survive the week.

and then suddenly it's friday and you did it! you survived!  good work everyone.  now back to work.  are you kidding? you know there's no such thing as "weekend" in academia!  geeze... n00bs.

but since I do what I want(!) and what I want to do is take a brief #amwriting morning, I'll conclude this disorganized post with one of my writing playlists just in case you have your own denouement to effect. 

(yes, Effect, not Affect, because I mean in the sense of bringing about, to achieve. don't need none of your sass!)