Saturday, April 9, 2016


a most excellent friend and I tend to roll our eyes or flop around or throw our hands in the air and sigh, "leben!"  I'm not sure where exactly it started, but it just means "life!" and is our general term of exasperation.

I say leben! today because...well, it's friday, though I think this post will go up this weekend sometime.  it's been a long week, with an exam and homework to "do" and meetings and training. tomorrow I'll be getting up at 0530 and driving an hour to the southern part of the island.  I got invited to a church on sunday, and that afternoon I'll have a teaching observation.  if everything goes according to plan, I'll be teaching by next weekend, and I haven't yet done my students' current homework assignment, and it looks to be a whole mess of arithmetic that I shouldn't have to do at my age.  but alas.

I gave up chocolate (temporarily let's be realistic) what feels like ages ago...seriously, I have no clue.  has it been a week?  feels like forever, haha.  because sugar intake, food money, blah blah blah also I'm stubborn and don't like cravings.

there have been two quarter-sized-plus spiders in my life this past week.  and there are errands to run and laundry to do and emails to answer and ugly grown-up things to deal with, and I'm tired.  so there.  my whining is done.

there are two mathematicians who come into my starbucks on several mornings during the week, and they sit there looking extremely intelligent, staring pensively out the windows, and occasionally pacing back and forth.  I know that one of them is a celebrated dynamicist, but I haven't pinned down the other, and they do all of their work in russian so I just know I'm missing out.  until this afternoon, I didn't know any of this - or that they work at my school.  I saw them this morning at starbucks, and just now I was walking out of my building and passed the young unidentified one going in.  I grinned like aha! all of my postulating proves correct! and he must have seen me laughing because he gave me a look that roughly translates to ????????????????.  and that was that.  (hey jim, if you're reading this, I was right!)

why is it that three things can be going well, and then one bad thing can pollute the whole mind?  here, the readers join the ranks of those who say "well, lydia, just don't let it!  mind over matter!"  and to which I retort, it's not that I'm not swimming, it's that I'm swimming upstream.  but oh well.  soon the weather will warm up and the semester will end, and everything will become summer.  just have to remember that.  enough lamentation for today.  it is still, after all, friday, at the time of this writing, so I hope all of you are having excellent weekends.