Saturday, April 23, 2016

jones beach

hey kids.

I just wanted to share a few pictures I took yesterday afternoon at jones beach.  it's right down the road from robert moses, which is the beach I've been to up here, but because the concessions have all closed, jones beach is much emptier.

it's still really early in the season, so it was pretty much deserted yesterday.  I went down with a friend to pick up any garbage in honor of earth day.

these rocky pictures are from the jetty at the end of the beach.  I just really liked the green mossy/algaeish bits and the way the water was foaming around them.

our weather has been creeping toward summer, but the sky was gray, which just made the colors in the water all the more eerie and lovely.

this is one of my favorite times of year, especially in a house or apartment without air conditioning.  for some reason I love the muggy mild-warmth and the sensation of the outdoors coming in.  that's it, I think - in the summer, your house is cooler than the outdoors, and in the winter it's warmer.  this phase is my favorite, when it's all homogeneous.

from here to the end of the semester is likely to stay pretty swamped. I'm officially teaching for kaplan test prep now, and it's probable I'll pick up another class or too with them pretty soon.  meanwhile, I'm still TAing for calculus iv on campus, and doing some homework for my own classes.  so this blog may stay a bit quieter, but I do have some ideas in the works, and of course these kinds of short, life-type posts are quite manageable.

have an excellent weekend, everyone!