Sunday, April 3, 2016

hashtag disney reference

reasons to overfill your coffee cup in the morning:
  1. there's more coffee in your coffee cup.
  2. the fear of god trying not to spill it wakes you up more than the caffeine ever will.

this is a panorama picture with a view from somewhere on the eastern edge of central park.  there were these rad little black duck things that were diving to the bottom to get weeds.  and I mean really diving.  no idea what they were exactly, which is weird for me.  one of the biggest adjustments moving to the northeast was realizing that for once, I don't know every rock and tree and creature.  

(has a life, has a spirit, has a - wait no. that's pocahontas. my bad.)

what's new in your lives, people?  it feels like it's been awhile since I sat down and wrote a personal (read: lazy, rambling, easy) post.  I know that life has been busy, but it's been busy with things that don't really get shared?  or things that are pretty boring, like the fact that I have a midterm on wednesday and homework due tomorrow.  

(I finished one homework assignment last night.  surely I can pack the rest of my studying into tuesday?  uh huh.)

the weather here can't make up its mind.  the trees are blooming and - field trip to botany class with lydia!  in nashville, I knew these as "tulip trees," but tulip trees are in fact a totally different thing, although magnolias that look just like this are also known as "tulip magnolias," but I think mostly what you see anymore are "saucer magnolias."  so now you know.

my coffee is cold.  I hope you guys appreciate how much I give up for you.  writing this post has been a real sacrifice.

(it's okay, we have a microwave.)