Wednesday, April 6, 2016

girl talk: three reviews

today on giiiirl taaaalk - natural things you put on your skin!

aztec healing clay mask.  what you need to do: mix equal parts clay powder and apple cider vinegar.  I use less than a teaspoon of each because that's really all you need unless you're lady cassandra.  apply it with your hands for easy clean-up, wait till it dries and you can't move your face (this is a fun stage) and then wash it off.  protip: if you have a good shower, it's easiest to just wash it off in the shower.  if, however, your shower is sucky and the drain backs up because you live in a hole without proper venting, you're going to want to wash in the sink (carefully) first, to avoid a lovely greyish ring in the basin.

what you need to know: as these things go, I find this worth the purchase.  be aware that your skin will probably be red immediately afterward, but that goes away.  just don't use it every day - I use it once a week or less, but that's also because I'm lazy.  also, this tub will last you forever.

nelson's pure & clear treatment gel.  what you need to do: wait for it...apply it.  to clean skin, obviously.  

what you need to know: also probably worth the purchase.  not a miracle worker, but comparable to a benzoyle peroxide + hydrocortisone regimen, and natural.  be advised: it is supposed to be "gentle" but can definitely sting.  I blame the tea tree oil, which is listed as an inactive ingredient, but is very  active.

vicco turmeric cream.  what you need to do: put this on yo face while enjoying the sandalwood aroma.  maybe not everybody would like the way this stuff smells but I personally love it.  again, not a miracle worker, but I use it when I don't need a heavy moisturizer, or better yet, I mix it with my moisturizer.  so technically, if you were to use all of the items in this post, they would go in order... clay mask, shower (+ cleanser), treatment gel, turmeric (+ moisturizer).  

in summary: I wish I could say that any one of these is the magical miracle product that the internet claims they are, but in the end, I still found them worth the purchase, and I like something about each of them.  what natural products are you a fan of?  share in the comments!