Tuesday, April 26, 2016

eat breakfast; student's budget edition

greetings students!

this post is about breakfast ideas. which means it'll only be applicable to all four of you who still eat breakfast.

just kidding.  eat breakfast, kids!  I never used to either, but once you're getting up at six every day, it turns out you really need it!  it's a long time till lunch, man.  so now I never miss it.  here's what I generally keep in the house that relates to breakfast:

  • old-fashioned oats, giant tub.  say this is $4-5 at my stop-n-shop.  there are 30 servings in it, so that's about 15 cents each.
  • a bunch of bananas.  cheap, seriously.
  • frozen strawberries.  about $2 from trader joe's.
  • a jar of peanut butter.  obviously this applies to like...all meals of the day.
  • brown sugar or normal baking white sugar, though you can definitely go for honey or maple syrup or something healthier like that.
  • a dozen eggs, and I go for the free-range ones.
  • a loaf of bread because toast (and also applies to other meals).  keep your bread in the fridge so it doesn't mold before you can get through it.

it looks like a lot, but I can actually tell you that my weekly grocery run is generally just bread, bananas, an avocado, and cheese.  I eat simple, guys.

option 1: when I have the time, I like to make eggs.  usually this means fried or over-easy, with toast and - when I have a ripe one - some avocado slices.  I lean toward this when I have something early and I'll be coming home around breakfast time, or if it's the weekend.  I also make this for lunch a lot, I won't lie.

option 2: nine out of ten mornings, I'm making oatmeal.  it's quick, simple, and easy to shake up.  mix in peanut butter, or brown sugar, or frozen strawberries.  very important - add a little salt!  people think oatmeal is weird or boring, but most of the time it's that they aren't putting any salt in??

option 3: in a major rush, or when I'm leaving the house before 7:30 and I'm not that hungry, but I know I need to eat something (aka teaching mornings), I have a banana with peanut butter.  if you're not violently opposed to the microwave, zapping a spoonful of peanut butter in a ramekin for thirty seconds makes it all melty and perfect for dipping.  just saying.  if you're not a fan of bananas, you can keep apples in the house for this purpose instead.

and of course, this are accompanied by the base of my personal food pyramid...coffee.  but coffee is probably a whole post in itself!  now, I'm going to drink the rest of mine and get this day started.  have a good tuesday everybody!