Wednesday, April 13, 2016

april playlists

greetings, everyone.

I thought I'd give you this month's playlist...before the end of the that you could listen to it...this. month.  rather than leaving it till the end/next good stuff, etc.  so here you go!

and for fun, here is the playlist from about this time last year... it's kind of weird to see what's changed in the music I listen to.  for on thing, my current playlists are way longer, which makes sense because my sheer volume of music has gone up...  I had already been into the glitch mob and hurts for a long time, but I had just gotten into woodkid, whom I love with an undying love.  but yes...I would definitely say my playlist-making skills have leveled up since then.  or at least, the music I like now, I like better than I liked the music I liked then.  did you follow that?  haha.

peace out, kiddos.