Tuesday, March 8, 2016

writing from a starbucks

greetings, cheeldren.

as per title, I am sitting in my beloved local starbucks this morning.  these accompanying photos, however, are from the other day when the sun was out and the fern was happy.  for the record, the sun is still out and the fern is still happy.

speaking of the weather, it looks like spring might be here.  the crocuses and snowdrops survived the brief snow, and it's supposed to be in the 50s all week.

let's talk about that awkward moment when you want to pull down the windowshades in the starbucks, because you're getting a glare on your computer screen, let's say... but the shades span more than just your table - or worse, because of the angle of the sun, the light that is glaring off your laptop is in fact several tables away along the wall.  how do you deal with that?  suffer through it?  or presumptuously adjust a shade which not only affects your illumination, but also that of the indian guy at the next table who looks like he's probably in med school?  is this just a parable about the fact that your actions have consequences?

for the record, it wasn't me.  I'm way over here on the other side of the store, and the guy who prompted this line of thinking exhibited no qualms as he dropped the shade.

up here, people say "flah-ri-da" and "car-a-mel" and "mis-ore-ee."  it cracks me up.

the cool kids club here has not disappointed, though I won't disclose their names.  turns out, the original cool kid is in a punk band and has his own business making records.  jim was an international lawyer, but when he retired he decided to give himself another education, so he started reading in genesis and proceeded through all of the books I covered in a classical education (he's impressed), and he likes ray lamontagne so basically we're twins.  the lady with the toddler is a nurse now, but in her "former life" she was a writer and photographer who covered all these bands.  I mean, she knows springsteen and bono and she's sung with U2?  and that guy over there? his name is falcon (well, it's not his real name) and he's a turkish atheist who came over to get away from the muslims, but back in turkey, he was a bodyguard...for turkish generals... now he has his own martial arts studio.

let's also talk about the fact that, grammatically, you ought to use four periods (....) when ending a sentence with an ellipsis, while using three (...) when in the middle of a sentence.  however, I cannot bring myself to use the four-dot-ellipsis because it is irrevocably married to the dreaded Parental Ellipsis.  you know the one.  you're texting your mother, and she sprinkles these amongst the sentences like casual harbingers of doom.  they can make something as innocuous as "okay...... well.... we love you......" feel like you're in major trouble.  (hi mom! sorry mom! you're the best! <3)

okay, enough rambling.  I'm justifying my people-watching by the fact that I haven't imbibed enough coffee yet to tackle numerical PDEs.  going to need about three or four more...gallons.