Wednesday, March 30, 2016

three-ingredient potato soup

okay, four, if you count, like, salt.

this is the easiest potato soup in the world.  seriously, the hardest part is finagling the cream cheese package open.  there isn't more to say about it besides it's good, it's warm when the weather is not, and you can freeze the leftovers and eat them forever and ever, which is great if you're me and you don't have time/energy to cook every day.  or every week.  life is hard, okay?

so here we go.  ingredients!

  • six to eight russet potatoes (I used a whole smallish bag from trader joe's.)
  • one package of cream cheese (don't freak out.  you're already making an entire soup out of starches. perspective, people.)
  • a carton of vegetable broth or beef broth or whatever broth, I suppose.
  • salt, geeze.
step one: peel, wash, dice your potatoes. a little smaller than cubic inches will do.

step two: put the potato cubes into your crockpot (mine is the 5 qt size) and cover them generously with vegetable broth. I didn't have a whole thing of vegetable broth, so I added water, and it was totally fine.  just cover the potatoes with liquid of some variety.

step three: turn it on low overnight. this will still need to be turned up to high for a bit in the morning, so you could also just put it on high for several hours during the day. it'll depend on your crockpot, so make friends with it. 

step four: in the morning, crank it up and stir it quite a bit. this breaks down the cubes into smush.  I like my smush really smooth so I squish the cubes against the side of the pot as well. 

step five: when it's smooth enough for you, assess the liquidy properties. bear in mind it will set up (and I mean set. up.) when it cools, and you'll be adding broth every time you reheat it, so it will stretchhhh.  if you're still like "ehhhh it's too liquidy for me," then take the lid off for awhile and it'll boil off a little bit. 

step six: open the packet of cream cheese and slice it into smallish cubes as well.  dump these into the soup and stir it around.  let it cook a little longer, until they melt down and your soup looks super creamy and nice.  

step seven: turn off the crockpot and let it cool for awhile until you're comfortable putting it in your freezer containers and whatnot.  you could also eat it at this point.  I recommend topping with shredded cheddar, because why not, and also adding your salt to taste at this point.  if you're the kind of person who keeps chives around, you could make this a five-ingredient soup.  

that's it! the pro move here is to make that vat and freeze it, and every time you pull some out to reheat, you'll find it's really thick and can take extra broth to smooth it out.  and I am all about that, my friends.  let me know in the comments if you make this and like it!  also let me know if you have other recipes you like with not many ingredients, because I a.) am broke, b.) live in NY where food is $$$$$$, and c.) share a teeny house without much room for random cooking supplies to lie around.