Monday, March 21, 2016

record feature: trouble will find me

you may or may not know that I love the national.  I love basically everything they do.  a lot of their songs are really important to me, and you can take that as all kinds of signals about my personality (e.g. gosh lydia you're so emo) if you want. 

I love the entire "trouble will find me" album.  this one was actually a gift from my brother for christmas, but definitely an excellent pick, because when I'm record shopping I try to only get albums that I tend to listen to straight-through.  obviously, in the age of the mp3, most music can be cherrypicked track-by-track.  when I find an album that rolls smoothly and has a consistent style and dare I say a narrative? it's a winner. 

these songs are...well, quite literally all sad in one way or another.  the album comes as a two-disk set, but I'm sorry to report that mine are badly-pressed.  from reviews on amazon, it looks like a common issue, though not universal, which is a real bummer...  so be ye warned.  I still love to play them, for my part.  I feel like the vinyl version has a nice underground warmth that might be tinned out of the digital tracks, depending on the speakers you're listening through (like sub-par laptop speakers), but I'm also a vinyl n00b and generally enthusiastic.

if you haven't given the songs themselves a listen, and you'd like to, I'm embedding the spotify playlist below.  bear in mind a few of the songs feature PG-13 language, in moderation.  I hope you like it!