Monday, March 14, 2016

ramen hack

mothers, avert your eyes.

greetings, destitute college and grad school students.  welcome to how-to-make-ramen-not-as-sucky-class.  let's get started.

 step one: boil the water. duh.  use a little extra water because we're adding stuff besides the noodles.  through the package, break up the brick of dry noodles into little bits so that you're not dealing with some kind of lady-and-the-tramp spaghetti situation later.

step two: when the water is boiling, tear open that package and take out the seasoning packet.  set that aside, because we are in fact going to use it later (sorry mom [yum, msg, my favorite...]) and dump in the noodles.  now also dump in about a cup of frozen veg.  frozen veg is cheap, lets you pick and choose how much you need for a meal, and provides you with a blend of plantage without you having a whole dadgum head of cauliflower floating around in your shared refrigerator.  bring the water back to a boil.

step three: when the noodles are cooked and the veg is soft (hint: the broccoli turns a very nice bright green), go through with a spoon and a knife and cut the various bits into smaller bits if you like.  I do this because the broccoli and cauliflower in my mix come in mighty trees and I want to spread them around.  when you're satisfied, crack an egg directly into the pot.  you can add the seasoning packet at this point.  if you have parsley flakes in your cupboard - bravo - toss some in there too.

step four: when you see nice floaty bits of cooked egg and you feel like everything is boiled nicely (it only takes a few minutes), remove from heat and consume.  store the leftovers in the fridge and eat them for lunch tomorrow.

my brother arrived late saturday night and we ended up whipping this up.  it received the stamp of approval, so if you too are young and broke and busy...hopefully it'll add a few vegetables into your dinnertime.