Monday, March 28, 2016

more city wandering + the met round two

after we teared up at visited hamilton grange, we hopped back on the m3 and took it down to 96th street, where we disembarked and sallied forth to my favorite nyc starbucks.

(I can say that because I've been to about six or eight of them so far and this one is the most pleasant yet.  if you're curious, it's the one at 96th and madison.  you're welcome.)

suitably caffeinated and recuperated, we walked down central park to the met.  in case you missed it, here's the met round one.

I hadn't been into the egyptian exhibit before, and that was really fascinating to me - and not just because of nostalgic cluefinders feels, okay?

but mostly because of nostalgic cluefinders feels.

besides that, we mostly went through halls I'd been to the first time around, which is almost more fun because you're surprised at every turn by something you didn't notice before.  you'll be like "whoa," and then turn around and recognize the next painting and you're like "dude I was right here, how did I miss this?"

still loving  the recreated interiors.  even though the dining room below did have a lot of naked dudes in alcoves all around the dinner table.  can you imagine that?  don't look up. don't look up. just stare straight into aunt bertha's eyes...

oh, below is a sculpture I found really interesting! the plaque read, "The pronounced spiral movement was prompted by the mythological subject: Clytie, jilted by Apollo, was metamorphosed into a sunflower, her head always turning toward the sun in its course."  just...yeah.  very cool.

this post wraps up our nyc adventures for now!  I hope you've enjoyed all of the museum forays of the past month.  now my feet need a break from walking ten mile days so many times...

edited to add: if you want to see a video account of our day, check out lindsey's vlog!