Sunday, March 27, 2016

it's quiet uptown (hamilton grange)

yesterday was quite literally quotes from "hamilton" from start to finish.

I went into the city for the fourth and final time this month yesterday to meet up with a friend and her brother and do some educational sightseeing.  I felt like a pro knowing where all the streets are and how we were oriented without looking at my phone much, haha.  then again, I've pretty much combed the area, like I said, four times in the last month alone.

the weather was incredible.  seriously, flawless.  after the st. patrick's day fiasco, the streets seemed roomy and quiet, if you can imagine that in nyc...

so lindsey had the brilliant idea to visit hamilton grange, the actual literal house that the hamiltons lived in when they moved uptown. (there's a song about it. it's super sad. go listen to it.)  it's been moved a few times as the city changed around it, but it currently rests on a piece of land that was actually part of the original estate!

we followed the transport recommendation on the website, taking the m3 bus from grand central all the way up to st. nicholas park.  we arrived around 11:40, which worked well because there's a free-for-all-tour at 12, meaning you wander at will and a ranger stands around to answer your questions.  we chose this over the guided tour because...well, we know the musical so well, we already have a darn good idea of his life story.

there are quite a few objects and furnishings original to the house, including his books and the pianoforte.

one of my favorite details is the fact that they stripped the walls and used an expert paint analysis to recreate the original colors!

the park outside is also beautiful and quiet...

in all, this was thoroughly worth the visit.  it was surreal and oddly emotional to realize that the bones of the house were...the very bones of the hamiltons' home.  finally, if you haven't listened through the musical soundtrack (warning: language), check out the playlist below!

edited to add: if you want to see a video account of our day, check out lindsey's vlog!