Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I have arrived.

there is this great guy named jim who frequents my beloved neighborhood starbucks.  (hate on starbucks in the comments - it's a free country - but let me tell you, dude, the vibes...the vibes in this starbucks...they are truly radical.)  he's probably in his sixties, wears a watch cap when it's cold, and I believe I've seen him reading a c.s. lewis study bible.  everyone greets him by name when they walk in. 

yesterday, I went there to do homework for a few hours in the middle of the day, because if I stay at home and try to work at the kitchen table, I end up wandering the house.  it's all just a bunch of "do I need to do laundry? not really... but are there dishes in the sink?  always... I could make lunch! or water my plants!"  anyone else have this problem?

whatever, anyways, I got up to leave because - no wait, I won't make this post a rant about grad school, sorry - and jim says to me, "looks like you've become a regular around here."  and I said, "'s the only way I get anything done."  and he said, "well then, I think we should get at least one of those names."  and I said, "one-one of my names?"  and he said, "yes, what's your name?"  so I told him my name, and his name is jim, and yes, many students find that they work better out of the house, and yes, I basically live there now, and nice to meet you, and I left.  and on the way to my car, I just busted out this huge grin because dude, I've been fascinated by these regulars ever since I started going to that starbucks.  they seem so creative and appear to have the kinds of jobs - self-employed, freelance, or otherwise - that don't eat your life.  

side note: if you don't know this about me, I crush hard on human beings.  you can always just tell when you walk into a room, "that person! that one, I could be great friends with."  so yeah, this is a momentous event in my book.

anyways, then I left and I bought eggs, bread, and butter at the stop&shop - which, I don't mind telling you, is a blight upon the face of the earth and I miss kroger, kroger my love! 

and I am now an expert driver, of course, with no stalling and no lugging, and my car is the absolute cutest, most wonderful little bugger I've ever seen.  everything about driving is different when you're...close to the car.  either because it is finally "your own" or because driving stick is a much more involved, communicative process.  this conversation could get really weird really quick, so I'm just going to finish my coffee now and head to class.  I have a skype interview today so wish me luck and fast internet.

have a sufferable wednesday, everybody!


p.s. those pictures are from two different sunsets viewed from our overlook.  if you like stuff like that, you should follow my instagram