Friday, March 25, 2016

good stuff #7

1. this fm transmitter and old, old ipod.  so that the entire world on my short commute can know that I am super hip and cool (not).

2. this new bedding, because I'm forcing it to motivate me to make my bed every morning.  because that's what grown-ups do, right?

3. the fact that this purple shamrock folds up tight at night and then flares open to the sunlight in the morning.

4. this month's playlist, oh yeah.

more good stuff:
 - this is incredible.
 - so so so so so so tempted by this like I can't even tell you I think I'm gonna have to sign up ugh (p.s. you can give a few months as a gift so the real question here is how much do you love me?).
 - if you don't already read braden's serial, check it out here. (disclaimer: rated PG-13ish for violence and maybe language, I can't remember).
 - I crocheted a couple of these and it's a decent pattern.

what have you been loving lately?