Sunday, March 6, 2016

girl talk: old navy trip

on occasion I have things to talk about that will only interest people of the female variety: hair care, skin care, fashion - all those things I feel weird talking about, but get irritated that I feel weird talking about.  we will call these posts "girl talk" just so everyone's aware of what's happening.

I'm a big fan of minimalism as we all know, but guys...I don't even own enough clothes to make up a full load of lights and darks on laundry day.  I was raised to separate my lights and darks, but I was also raised not to waste one of my personalities had to budge: either the ultra-minimalist or the treehugger.  jokes.

but seriously, I'm going to be teaching in a professional setting soon (c.f. that interview) and I was in possession of exactly zero "business casual" attire.  I have no clue what exactly "business casual" means but I'm just going with what I tended to wear years ago when I worked in an office for a summer.

old navy had a sale on saturday, and I went in there and decided to make the effort to try stuff on and see what happens.  I needed some basics (black slacks, layering tanks, black sweater...) and I didn't want to be studying for my midterm.  bear in mind that things were on major sale.  I'm going to be that guy and say that old navy doesn't always work for me because their tops are too short and wide for my body type, but towards the end of my efforts, I tried on a black dress which...was the most pleasant thing I've worn in my entire life.  in fact, I don't think the model in the picture really does it justice.  the dress is just so perfect in every way.  so I bit the bullet and got it in both colors because dude, that moment comes along so rarely for me.

yup, so they also do this thing where they give you reward money which you can use later if you come back and buy stuff, which is like hey, so in april I'll go back and look for some sweaters or blouses and maybe a pair of shoes.  so yeah, if you're looking for some good-value basics or maybe just a nice versatile black dress, get thee to an old navy!