Tuesday, March 1, 2016


1.) paperless post gave me the idea and inspiration for this post.
2.) at first I was like "huh, I'm not your man, because I don't give parties."
3.) but then I started thinking about parties and my philosophy on parties and trying to remember the various little celebrations I've participated in over the course of my life and I found the idea interesting after a bit of thought.
4.) I still don't really give parties - at least not in the most traditional sense of the word - but my mind has been jogged a bit in the direction of...well, gathering with other human beings.

so I sat down (in my car, driving from starbucks to campus as I am often wont to do) and started thinking back.  my last birthday was the so-exciting twenty-one, for which I did not go out in the traditional fashion.  the ones before that were spent at work, with the most memorable events being the appearance of a garden gnome in my cubicle, and the surrender of a friend to removing a mirror selfie from his profile picture.

which for me is really kind of enough, I won't lie to you. but lately, we've had a couple parties where my roommates will invite over 6-20 people from their department and we'll all stand around, drink wine, cry about school, and make believe we play on a professional curling team (the curly q's, and our stones are carved out of lucky granite from scotland, and we've introduced the use of swiffers to the professional league). this is not a thing I would ever have done of my own accord, before, but I have found these gatherings extremely enjoyable.

especially if someone else brings the wine.  because I don't know the first thing about wine.

I think a lot about turning thirty.  yes, I am nine years away from that.  but I have a theory that I will be an excellent thirty-year-old.  probably real hip and cool and maybe I'll have grown into myself and maybe I'll have my act together or at least...figured out how I want my act to look.  and that awesome thirty-year-old version of me might like to get together with some close friends and take a few minutes off to actually spend time together.

were I to do that, I can tell you right now the admission fee would be bringing me a cutting of your favorite houseplant.

so you have nine years to grow some epic houseplants.

I love flowers and so I love cards with flowers on them. to save trees, I like that paperless post makes them in online versions without looking like those freaky cartoon animation things you used to get from friends in middle school? (sent of course to your email address bouncypenguins321@yahoo or rubberchicken07@hotmail or whatever it was.)  I'm actually really impressed that online birthday invitations have gotten so classy and aesthetically pleasing, and as we millennials (hey, I make the cut) get older (via birthdays, get it?) I think the paperless route will become more and more the norm.

so while we're at it, let's make this entire party about flowers. because it's me, it'll be simple and laid back, geared toward creating and enjoying one another's company, and maybe some friendly competition.  so here's the plan:

  • we'll grow, find, or bring freesia, delphinium, iris
  • we'll learn to arrange them (I have this book to get us started)
  • I'll make these ice cubes 
  • to use in these of course
  • this looks perfect, though we'd have to modify it for my milk allergy
  • and since my birthday is in july and some people think you need a court to play... we'll take it outside and teach everyone to play bocce in the grass

got it?  all right.  nine years for you to get those houseplants established, nine years for me to practice having people over without freaking out, and also probably nine years for both of us to learn a thing or two about wine.  because I feel like thirty-year-olds are supposed to know about that sort of thing.

(collaged images from the associated links except for the larkspur because that came from tumblr via pinterest and the link was a lie. iris pictures by 2014 me.)