Saturday, March 12, 2016

driving is scary but friends are worth it; prospect park on thursday

whenever I drive anywhere near nyc, I find myself thinking over and over, in time with the beat of the reverberating bassline of some rap song three cars away, that "this is why we have trains."

ah, but it all depends on the time of day and day of week, I'll admit.  at any rate, I left school after teaching an energetic and I hope educational - there was a brief discussion on whether bees actually make beelines, and the wiggly dance thing they do to communicate with each other, which ended with me yelling "homeschooler! right here!" but hey, we got 'er done - and drove out to see a friend who was home on spring break.  if you didn't the first time I mentioned it, go follow him now

I did not drive my car.  I drove the prius, an automatic, and what's more, dead silent transmission.  so first of all, I'm over there pumping a phantom clutch with my left foot and scrabbling at the vestigial gear shifter. 

second of all, like I said, the prius is a car that perpetually gives you the silent treatment.  now, having grown accustomed to my own adorable little stick-shift scion, I enjoy the give-and-take, the dialogue, if you will, of communing with driving a car that banters with me. 

instead, I'm cruising down the I-495 yelling, baby! talk to me! I don't know what you want from me! as this prius tries(?) to accelerate in the afternoon traffic.

and yet, I would not have been confident enough to take my car into the city yet, as there are just way too many things to keep track of besides a non-phantom clutch.  but enough of this!  I survived, was reunited at long last with a good friend, and we sallied forth to roam prospect park for the better part of the evening.

prospect park is huge, okay?  lots of dogs.  some ducks - and some swans!  and some bridges and a lot of little rolling hills and even though it's not very green yet and a little muddy...the sky turned pinkish and the weather was warm and people were grilling out.  it was an excellent excursion.

later on, we revisited a place down the street called branded.  I like this place a lot, though I've never actually been inside for more than a few minutes because both times we've gone, we've preferred outdoor seating.  but if you are so inclined, I recommend the fish and chips.  

some might say there is a lot of fish involved in the fish and chips.  

that is, in fact, the point of fish and chips.

so anyways, yes.  I enjoy brooklyn.  I enjoy seeing dom and catching up and hearing math stories and being told about theorems and paradoxes.  it should only be a couple days before my brother and I venture up to central park, and I will take my real camera then, but here are just a few phone pictures taken on the fly during an excellent thursday evening.