Friday, February 19, 2016

these flowers are my roommate's valentine's roses, aren't they great? I ruthlessly pirated them for freelensing. classy, I know.

I made a friend!

not sure how I feel about posting about making friends so much? maybe it's just because I've lived here for...six months now (wow, I hadn't counted yet...that's half a year. dude.) and it's still pretty lonely up here. 

eh, what the heck! made another friend. this time a guy who works at the yarn shop. his name is joe. 

(seriously, is everyone on long island named joe?)

anyways yeah, he wants to move and buy some land and get some sheep. sounds like the life, man. I'm campaigning for icelandic sheep. I said, "how do you get a job in a place like this?" and he said, "I applied...I said I could knit." I said, "well then, I need to apply!" and he said, "I'd work with you; you seem cool."*

(hint: I'm counting that as making a friend. cf. he said I remind him of one of his super close friends from growing up so heyyyyyy?)

*I know it's a whole new level of toolbag that I'm using semi-colons, but I find my allergy to comma splices is worsening day by day.

what else is new?  not a lot. highlight of my week: I was in the break room and one of the administration ladies in my department was commenting on how I've been in there a lot and now I know what characters they all are, and my blessed precious favorite beloved angel professor came in and said, "don't delude yourself! she is just as much a character as we are!"  I was like, "oh ho, thanks!" but like's nice!

yeah, so today I bought some needles and a skein of real chunky yarn and I'm loving it because the swatch I did is so skoonchy. if I make something, I'll share it with you guys. I'm also thinking it's time to force myself to knit continental.  I've been meaning to make the switch for years now, because: 

ME: [knitting]

STUDENTS: [commenting on me knitting jocularly]

PROFESSOR: Oh, I knit.

STUDENTS: [general surprise]

ME: [gratified]



PROFESSOR: [scornfully] You're a thrower

ME: [passionately] I'll change! I'll do better! 

yup, time to get my act together. motivation: ribbing. all that knit one - purl one business is much more efficient as a picker. it's the small improvements that make you feel like you're bettering yourself as you leave your homework undone and open netflix yet again.

pick your battles, right?